Download XGRAPH for Apple Mac OS-X

  • XGraph4.37_MacOSX.tgz   (4.8-MB) [3-23-2016] - Contains XGraph 4.37 compiled for Mac OS-X 10.10 "Yosemite". Should work on that or newer OS X versions.

To install, gunzip and untar:
                tar xvfz XGraph4.36_MacOSX.tgz

Unpacks to XGraph directory. The executable is under the "bin" directory, called "xgraph".
A test data file, "test_xy2.dat" is in the top directory.


Make an alias to bin/xgraph in your .bashrc_profile file:   (in your home directory)
Example:   (replace bart with your username, and adjust location of where you placed xgraph of course)
            alias xgraph=/home/bart/XGraph/bin/xgraph

Plot data files.
            xgraph test_xy.dat

Alternatively, navigate to the bin directory in your file-browser,
and double-click xgraph. Then under the File menu, select
Read New File to pick your data file(s) to plot.

To un-install, delete the XGraph directory.